Wedding Destination - Thailand

Discover what Thailand has to offer as a memorable wedding location. Experience a traditional Thai wedding to set your wedding apart from the rest.

Wedding couples from all over have been completely charmed by the exotic culture, warm and welcoming hospitality, and historic temples which make Thailand such a special part of the world. All of this makes for an intriguing destination to celebrate your wedding day and eternal love and commitment to one another. Chaing Mai is a unique city rich in culture and custom that is willing to share its charm with all its visitors. This is an ideal location for wedding couples who seek out authentic and traditional influences to be part of their special day. If it’s a cultural wedding you are after then embrace Thailand tradition and enjoy the unique elements of a ‘Lanna’ wedding ceremony. Thai wedding ceremonies will offer you the most spiritual experience you could imagine with a romantic and exotic flair.

The process of a Lanna ceremony is rather complex and takes place over the entire day. Firstly you will partake in the morning offerings to the monks by gifting them with fresh food and flowers from the markets. Then following these offerings you will receive a formal blessing from a holy monk at a Buddhist temple of your choice. You will then release birds and fish to merit the symbol of offerings and to promote good luck for your new life together. Now it is time for the parade, where you and all of your guests are adorned in traditional wedding attire. And lastly the symbolic knot tying ceremony is performed.

Once the formalities are over you can enjoy a sumptuous feast with traditional music and Thai dancing. Followed by a spectacular fireworks display where you will release fire balloons for good luck and prosperity. All of this is included in convenient package deals which will cost you around £2270 for up to 12 guests; however this can be increased to up to 99 people at an extra charge per person.

Getting married in Thailand is a relatively simple and quick process. However you are required to have the legal ceremony at a local registry office (known as an Amphur) first and then have your religious ceremony afterwards. You will need to acquire an affidavit of Bangkok from the embassy of your home country, original copies of your passport, and a ‘Letter of Certification’ declaring that you are free to marry. This letter must be translated and certified by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The best time to plan your wedding in Thailand would be from February to March as this is when you will experience warm and dry weather without being too hot. You and your guests will find an array of accommodation options catering to all, whether you are on a limited or free flowing budget. Historic guesthouses of Chiang Mai are a unique option and will provide that extra special touch, the olden day town lanes offer character laden and boutique luxury which will make you feel right at home.


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