Visit the Oil Rich Dammam Saudi Arabia

Damman is one of the riches cities in the world being oil-abundant as it is. Find out how these wealth is reflected in the city and learn how well its people make use of its money.

Being the provincial capital of the most oil-abundant region in the whole world, you have to believe that Dammam, also known as Ad Dammam, is one of the richest cities in the world. It is also the biggest city in the region and third in the whole country, falling behind Riyadh and Jeddah respectively. Dammam and the whole Eastern Province of Saudi is served by the popular King Fahd International Airport, the largest airport in the world.

The sports industry here in Dammam is very much active. In fact, it houses Prince Mohamed bin Fahd Stadium, the biggest in the city. It also has other buildings for sports such as Tennis Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd, the Hall Green, and Sports City, which houses the popular Club Agreement (Fares Dahna) and Renaissance (b giant Dammam).

The Dammam Corniche is among the most renowned tourist spots in the city. It is a seaside project that goes from Tarot Islan to Aziziah Beach. Intersperesed along the site are modern art installations. The place is perfect for friends, families or even office outings, especially during the night. An area between the city and Al Khobar is particularly for games and sports. There are huge clubs in the place that allows residents to do sports. There is the Coastal City, which specializes on water sports.

For some fun with the family, the Coral Island is one place to visit. The island's main attraction is the Lighthouse, where the tourists can climb and view the major features of the city from above. For the dads and men, amateur fishing is also available in the island.

As for those who love art, the Dammam National Museum is open for them. Found on the Dammam Public Library, specifically on the 4th floor, the museum primarily features different artwork that portrays Saudi Arabia's history, inhabitants and culture such as relics and remains of handicrafts.

Other noteworthy places in Dammam are the Half Moon Bay, Heritage Center, King Fahd Park and the Interface Dammam Navy.

You will not see any signs of backwardness in this city. In fact, many edifices are already of modern design and construction. It is very far from what many people who have not been in Saudi Arabia think about the middle East, it being basically made up of deserts and people with covered faces. Modernity and technology has definitely entered their country a long time ago, even much more advanced than other third world countries today. This will not come as a surprise being as wealthy as Damman is.


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