Travel to Acapulco!

If you're traveling to Acapulco, here are a few travel destinations to get your heart jumping, your adrenaline pumping, and your feet thumping!

Sit back on the warm, soft sand. Feel it sift through your toes. Watch the waves dance in the Pacific ocean. Close your eyes and feel the 86 degree sun soak in to your skin. Look around; take in all the breath taking beauty that is Acapulco. Vacation never felt more like a dream come true.

La Quebrada Clavadistas Daring Dives

Now that you've seen some of the beautiful landscape in Acapulco, do you want to get your blood pumping? Relaxing in the warm sun isn't the only activity Acapulco has to offer; there are many that will get your blood pumping, your heart jumping, and your feet thumping! Grab some tacos, a cool drink, and follow us through a tour of a few of the best places in Acapulco that we dare you to try!

You may want to begin your thrill seeking vacation by watching the world renowned "La Quebrada Clavadistas", thrilling visitors since 1934 with their daring cliff diving skills. They offer their prayers to a statue of the Madonna (a few wielding burning torches), and they plunge 130 feet in to the waves thrashing around on the rocks below. These Clavadistas (divers) have to time these daring performances during times when the tide is at its highest, or it would mean their demise.

A nearby hotel, "La Mirador" boasts a worthy restaurant, "La Perla", which opened in 1949 by Swiss musician, Teddy Stauffer. The attire at "La Perla" is casual, although the atmosphere is anything but; hosting a birds-eye view of the cliffs and white capped water below where the divers take their daily plunges. The divers have several shows available, during the highest tides. You can catch the daring performances at "La Perla" at 12:45 pm, 7:30 pm, 8:30 pm, 9:30 pm, and 10:30 pm. Sit, have a drink and a meal and enjoy the daring dives of La Quebrada Clavadistas from the free view site of La Perla!

Swim With Whale Sharks and Moray Eels!

Undersea diving and snorkeling might be more your style of diving experiences. If this is the case, then we have your place! Join professionals at "La Paz" in a unique underwater thrilling dive! On a world class week long diving trip, they will take you to some of the best dive sites in the Sea of Cortez, in search of majestic Manta Rays and Whale sharks! On this trip you will be diving among schools of Hammerhead sharks at El Bajo Seamount, or La Reina, home of the largest sea lion colony in the Sea of Cortez. Included in your adventure will be the wreck of Salvatierra, which offers an abundance of marine life, from octopus to huge Moray eels and the very rare Golden Grouper.

The package includes 7 nights in the "La Perla" hotel, lunch on the scheduled diving days, five days of 3-tank boat dives or all day snorkeling with Whale sharks and Mantas. All prices in this package are based on a double occupancy. The total price for the complete package is $1,090 for a diver and $915.00 for a non-diver. A $500.00 deposit is required to reserve your spot. They do ask that you make your reservations early, as space is limited.

Take a dive and see a shark face to face! Being eye to eye with a Moray eel is a trip you will never forget! Call now and reserve your spot to see the beautiful underwater life at La Paz!

If diving with sharks and Moray eels isn't enough of a thrill, we have activities that may better suit your quest for the holy grail of all adrenaline rushes!

The Shotover Jet Boat Rides Thrill Everyone!

Out of the ordinary boat rides could be more of a heart stopper for you! These aren't "just" boat rides, but rides that will pump adrenaline! The Shotover Jet boat ride is one of the most exciting rides in Acapulco, taking you around the beach to the heart of the jungle, within seconds. The highly skilled drivers will whisk you through lush vegetation at 70 km per hour, leaving you a little wet and windblown. You'll see tropical birds and animals in their natural habitat and explore the twisting canals of Puerto Marques Tropical Lagoon.

Within some of the vegetation and tropical fauna are some of the world's highest Mangrove trees. Because of their captivating beauty, they were used in the first "Tarzan" film. The Shotover Jet will take you through the jungle area, putting in to view some of the most exotic birds and animals on the planet. If you see your driver wave his hand in the air, hang on! The Shotover Jet is known for making 360 degree turns to thrill and dampen passengers.

Adults are $52.99 each and children's tickets are $26.99 each. Tours leave from most major hotels in Acapulco. Each ride takes approximately 1 and a half hours to complete. Ride the thrill of the water on The Shotover Jet!

Close Your Eyes and Take the Dive!

Another heart pumping thrill seeking ride is theAJ Hackett Bungy jumping trip. Your decision if you wish to touch the water when you fall to the end of a bungee cord, or if you simply wish to take the plunge. Jumping from a platform 150 feet in the air, you leap outward and fly! After instruction of what to expect on the jump, and picking out which cord is right for you according to weight, height, and whether or not you've done this daring feat before, the instructors send you on your way; plummeting one hundred and fifty feet to the earth!

AJ Hackett was the inventor of the bungee sport, along with being founder of his company, located in a few places around the world. For the price of 60.00 US dollars, or about 800 pesos, you're on your way to one of the most thrilling rides of a life time! You may even decide to pay a bit more and receive a video of your jump to keep that memory forever!

The AJ Hackett Bungy Paradise can be found on Condesa Beach, Acapulco, Monday through Thursday noon to midnight or Friday to Sunday noon to 2:00 AM. The package includes one bungee jump, one exclusive design jump t-shirt, a jump certificate (proving to your friends you were brave enough to try it), and one discount membership card (in case you're brave enough to attempt it again).

See Acapulco From a new Perspective--Skydiving

With only 20 minutes training, you will find yourself falling with your attached instructor, from 10,000 miles in the air; freefalling for 45 seconds! Pull your cord and float to the ground, while taking in all the breathtaking beauty of the beaches, cliffs, and ocean views. It's a great way to keep that adrenaline flowing while having that moment to yourself where the world is still, calm, and serene. Make something special of your vacation this year! Try skydiving in Acapulco!

Begin your skydiving journey the Romano Palace Hotel, Costera Miguel Aleman 130. local 4, Fraccionmiento Farallon, Acapulco, Guerrero. 39380

Tel: (52) (744) 484-6672.

No matter what your thrill level, we have something for everyone in Acapulco! From divers, to diving underwater with sharks and eels, to bungee jumping and skydiving, you must make Acapulco your next destination! We dare you to!


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