Tips from a Local for an Amazing and Affordable Trip to Goa, India

It's 2 in the morning. I can hear the trance in the background as I lay on the beach sipping on a bottle of beer which i just bought while the moon illuminates the ocean and makes the waves dance. It looks as if even nature is in a party mood. Welcome to Goa where you see a completely different face of India. Something different from its usual spiritual and religious culture. This vivid city on the western banks of  India has captured the imagination of thousands of tourists from Europe and United States. Because where else in the world can you experience a confluence of Indian simplicity and Western extravaganza? From the mouth watering Indian fish curry at a shack on the Anjuna beach to the local clubs like club-9 which will raise your spirits and get you dancing. From sunny and lively mornings at Baga beach to serene and quiet evenings at Anjuna beach you will never forget your stay in this place we Indians call paradise.

Places you must visit/see

Before you visit any of the below places go ahead and hire a bike or a scooter. They are available near Bagha beach and Anjuna beach at a small cost of 7-8$ and don't forget to carry your drivers license.

For clubbing

club-9 - Believe it or not there is no entry fee here and stag entry is permitted.the music is a mix of trance and house and will get your adrenaline pumping. The booze is very inexpensive and you must try the Goan fanny (a local Goan rum). The party ends at 11pm so you better reach the place early.

Mambos - A very lively club near Baga beach. (couples only). The music is amazing and there is an entry fee of approx 300 Indian rupees (around 7$). You will absolutely love the atmosphere here. There are Hookas (Indian smoking pipes) all over the place.

Paradise - Home to Some of the best rave parties in Goa. Also in Anjuna beach. This club overlooks the sea and makes partying even more when the full moon's up the paradise is where you have to be.

The Panjim Boat Cruise - Now if you are looking for a place where you can enjoy with your family the boat cruise is something that you must try. Every evening these boats sail a cross the Panjim river connecting two areas of the town. They usually play Goan music. It's one place where you can mix with the locals. And you can always enjoy the Goan rum while you sail across the river.

Where to shop

The Goan Flea Market - welcome to "Hippy Land." The flea market is where hippies gather on a Sunday to sell some pretty useful you can find shoes, t-shirts, old paintings, necklaces, rings. Name it and you got it. It's not just a market you can go there even if you don't want to buy anything. You can always enjoy the food stalls and the "hippy" atmosphere.

The Panjim City Market - this is the normal conventional place to go if you are looking for a regular shopping experience. Has all sorts of apparel and sport accessory stores (Nike, Adidas).

Baga Beach - The Baga Beach market is famous for football jerseys (trust me they are the cheapest in the world).

Where to stay

The Mahindra Club Resort - A fantastic beach resort in south Goa. You will absolutely love staying here. True its a little heavy on your pocket but if you can afford it give it a try (charges-5000-6000 Indian rupees per day ie 120-130$). The place has a private beach where you can relax all day. Italian and Indian restaurants, bars, clubs.

Evershine - this place is more like a shack. Located in Anjuna beach its the most convenient place you can stay in with all the clubs and the beach close by. And the best part is its almost free! (around 150 rupees per person ie 4$ !!!)

Hotels and resorts are abundant in Goa. For more information please visit

Places to dine

Brittos-Brittos - this is a shack in Bagha Beach. Serves the best sea food in Goa and the curries are amazing. And some wine along with the food makes the whole experience delightful.

Shaily - this Israeli cafe serves amazing breakfast with coffee and the best part is you can sleep here after you've had your food!


So after you've visited all these places and tasted every flavour Goa has to offer you can spend the evening at Anjuna beach where the winds never stop blowing and the waves keep dancing. And the sun sets to give way to another night of celebration and fun.

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