The Holy Sepulcher, Still Strong Standing

All you want to know about the T Holy Sepulcher

Old Jerusalem has lot of religious history and it is given much significance. One of the most important features that may have made it very important place is the Holy Sepulcher, a shrine which is shared by several Christian denominations and a place where Christ Jesus resurrected. The shrine sees many pilgrims from all across the world each year as it is considered the holiest place in this planet. It got much significance during the time the crusaders invaded Jerusalem. Other than its religious significance, it is also the most the most complex structure in existence.

It began as a pagan shrine in the second century as a mock to Christians and Jews but was later destroyed and a first church was built by Constantine in the fourth century. The church was then destroyed by the Persians in 614 AD and was partly restored afterwards. It was again totally destroyed again in 1010 by Caliph Hakim from Egypt. Later, the church restored again by the Byzantine who had a strong zeal on the church. In 1144 the crusaders decide to rebuild it afresh making so many alteration and additions. This is basically the foundation on which the current Holy Sepulcher lies. For many centuries after the crusaders were overthrown from Jerusalem the church remained in despair though pilgrims were allowed to go pray in the church. In the 19th century, part of the church was burnt and the Greek Orthodox restored it.

To transform it to its current look, a restoration was proposed in 1960. Based on the writings, archeological excavations the current complex of the Holy Sepulcher was then constructed and restored as some parts of the church we just restored. The significance of the church cannot be underscored, with the much growth in technology, many people who are unable to travel to Jerusalem and make their prayers there, they are currently submitting prayer request to the holy shrine and the prayers are said on their behalf. You could also make your prayer request which will be reinforced in this holy place.


The Church of the Resurrection: Holy Sepulcher

The strongly walled old city known as Jerusalem, there stands a Christian church that is known all over the world for its rich iconic history in the world of Christianity. The church stands on a highly venerated ground for the reason of being the host of the entire passion of the holy figure in the religion, Jesus Christ. Also known as Golgotha and also Calvary, this is believed to be the exact place where Jesus was crucified, died and got buried in a tomb before rising after the third day. The sepulcher is actually known to be a direct reference to the place where Jesus was buried in a tomb in the city of Jerusalem.

Although the church that originally stood here has suffered constant damage due to several occurrences, there still stands the Holy Sepulcher Church of Jerusalem on this day. The activities of the Persians and the effects of earthquakes have been known to be some of the reasons for the destruction of the church over the past thousands of years. However, there have been efforts to rebuild the church several times by the various rulers and the church leaders of those times. Constant renovations and repairs have been done to the holy church to preserve it from being erased from existence.


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