The History of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem

History and information on the Holy Sepulcher

The Holy Sepulcher, Al Qeyamah is Arabic is very significant and the holiest shrine that is shared by all Christians. It has a long history dating back to almost two millenniums. It is believed to be built on the tomb where Jesus Christ was buried. It is also the place where Christ was crucified, died and resurrect. It is located in the biblical venue Golgotha hill which was used by roman emperors to execute criminals. The reality is backed by many scientific excavations and archaeological which proves that it is actually the place where the Messiah was crucified; this has given the venue some special association especially the Christian believers.

Originally the first church was built by Byzantium, who was then an emperor with his mother in 335 AD, having run massive excavation and verifying it was the actual place where the tomb of Christ was. It was however, destroyed in by Caliph El-Hakim in 1009 and part of it was restored by the Byzantines 33 years later. The Holy Sepulcher as seen today was built by the Crusaders when they invaded Jerusalem the last year of the 11th century. Unfortunately, in 1808 a large fire destroyed part of the church though the Greek Orthodox helped repair it. Today the church has a large number of pilgrims visiting it though; the place has had visitors for over 2000 years now.

This Holy Sepulcher is situated in the heart of the Palestinians who are mainly Muslims and it is shared by five Christian communities which are the Greek and Syrian Orthodox, the Roman Catholics, Armenians and finally the Coptic. These different communities have their own prayer cycles. The shrine is however; open to people of all religions. If you wish to be part of the many people who visit the shrine, you will be required to either use the Jaffa Gate or use the Lion Gate following the footsteps that Christ Jesus followed to Calvary. It is a place that you will enjoy visiting if you are a religious or a historian.

Holy Sepulcher: The Religious Hotspot

One of the most painted names in the history of Christianity is the Holy Sepulcher. Being the place where Jesus Christ is believed to have undergone the famous threesome passion events, the place is held with much respect and holiness among the Christian fraternity all over the world. Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem hosts a church built right at the scene believed to have been the host of the passion of Christ, many people travel from all over the world to have a glimpse of what the place looks like.

All that is the ambiance of this site is the holiness that is borne of the people who dwell here praying over this and that. The church built on this site is nothing but a spot surrounded by a maze of chapels and holy alters that signify the dedication of the Christians to their course. People of all walks of life come here on a daily basis to witness the storied elaborated in the holy book. A unique fusion of the people, cultures and the paintings and textures crafted around this place announce the presence of a spot that is not just like any other but a special one.

The Holy Sepulcher Church in Jerusalem nothing less than a scene of utter devotion created by people from all corners of the world pouring their hearts out in ardent love for the unconditional love of Jesus Christ the savior. A moment in this famous church is not less than an experience of the biblical story of the language mix at the tower of Babel. Priests, ordinary worshipers and monks and bishops among many other Christian titles busy themselves with a mix of tongues, sacred acts and rituals around the church and the tomb of Jesus Christ. Even though this destination is vibrant with religious tourism that can be traced back to the 17th century, there is also ordinary tourism to this church that bears the special trait of being home to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


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