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Rough Guides publishes have come up with travel contents covering over 100 countries and thousands of cities, towns, villages and islands. These guides come with a lot of useful information, maps and pictures and are fairly accurate...

The best feature about these rough guides is the in depth information provided by the authors, not mere travel information, but about the history and happenings in that particular place, almost like having a human guide with us.

Book Description

The Introduction comes with An insightful introduction to the Nepali way of life, including gender roles, religions, and history ,geographical and cultural aspects of Nepal. One is introduced to the diverse culture, religious and political status of the country. There are tips and practical suggestions that have been given,that come in handy while travelling through Nepal, taking into account its culture and way of life. Some time tested advice on navigating Katmandu's bustling streets and markets and the best way to do it.

The rest of the guide is divided into various parts like places of interest, and all the major attractions like the Hindu temple in Kathmandu to the Wild life reserves and the Buddhist the explanatory passages for each of these places is written in detail, with a listing of the best places to stay, eat and mode of travel that is most suitable, interesting shopping areas and local specialities etc; There are loads of information on rafting, trekking, Elephant safari and other adventure sports for which Nepal is very famous for. I feel that one can manage to see most of Nepal with the help of this book without ever using a guide.The coverage is exhaustive and every little useful detail has been written down, sometime with an approximate price range and cost. Another useful feature in all these guides is the local information like the various festivals and list of holidays,even climatic conditions , currency exchange rates , vaccination details, visa details , and what clothes are suitable and off-the-beaten-track eating joints, some money-saving tips, - it really makes travel a lot more comfortable with this kind of information.

There is information about banks and various modes of travel from most major countries to Nepal, nightlife and cycling routes..honestly everything that comes in useful is there!! The trekking guide in this book covers major routes, trips off the beaten path, and tips on culturally sensitive areas. The maps cover every single detail that is needed, and has been discussed in the introductory chapters and travel information chapters.Again highly useful if one is hiring a private vehicle and traveling on one's own.

Features included: -

Full-colour section introducing Nepal's highlights. -Complete accounts of all the sights, from legendary Kathmandu and the peaks around Pokhara, to the jungles and ethnic diversity of the Tarai region. -Incisive reviews of the best places to stay, eat, drink and shop, whatever your budget. - Detailed chapters on trekking, rafting and mountain-biking. - Comprehensive background on the Nepalese culture, politics and the environment. - Maps and plans for every region.

MAPS AND CHAPTER LIST Color Section Basics Kathmandu and Patan The Kathmandu valley The Central Hills The Western Hills The Western Tarai The Eastern Tarai Trekking Rafting and Kayaking Mountain- Biking Contexts Language Index

Details of the Book

The Rough Guide to Nepal Author(s): James McConnachie, David Reed Language: English 597 pages - 51 maps (24 page full-colour intro) Published: UK: September 2002 US: October 2002 U.K. £13.99 U.S. $21.95 CAN $31.99

Summary: An Accurate and useful guide to travellers.


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