Mutianyu Great Wall, Beijing China

Mutianyu great wall , is a famouse tourist area in the world , if you would like to know more about it , please follow me ,

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Tourism Zone is located in Huairou District, Beijing, its long history and brilliant culture. Mutianyu Great Wall in 1987 was named one of the new Beijing 16 King in 1992 was named Beijing Tourism in the world. In 2002 was rated 4A level scenic spot, is the essence of the Great Wall.

Mutianyu Great Wall has a unique style of building, here watch tower intensive, strategically located and difficult passes, the City on both sides are Embrasure. Watch tower and the south-east there are three-chu Kwan sets a positive for the rare Great Wall, built on the northwest side there is more than 1000 meters above sea level, the name "bull horn margin" and built on a general Daoxue peaks known as the "Arrow deduction "and" eagles down Yang, "the Great Wall, its potential towering steep, the whole mountain the Great Wall on the potential ups and downs stretching, such as the dragon soar.

Mutianyu Great Wall tourist area surrounded by mountains and beautiful scenery. Spring, Qunfang Zhengyan, mountain flowers bloom; summer, mountain green, water gurgling; autumn leaves Manshan the fruit; winter, the snow-covered, blanketed by Su-wrapped with one of Northland scenery, in the Chinese and foreign enjoy "Great Wall, Mu Tian YU  alone show "in the world.

In addition to its important strategic position and the compact layout, Mutianyu Great Wall, also known breath takingly beautiful. Vegetation cover of 96 per cent of the total area attractions. Introduction of the wall, different aspects of the four seasons of beauty. Flowers bloom in the spring around the mountain. Wearing a green grass hill in the summer. Sweet autumn fruit trees laden, especially in October, the leaves turn red or yellow, gold contact, the Peak. In winter, the walls covered with snow, making it look even more magnificent. Mutianyu Great Wall is well known around the pine trees. More than 20 300 years old, about 200 pine trees pine trees over 100 years old. In addition, the wall at the foot of pure spring water taste and smell, the tourists deeply appreciated.

Easier to reach the peak of use the cable car through the best in the world, the Great Wall at Mutianyu. Slide Down named 'speed' will give you a chance to experience the thrill with you slip down

The ancient Great Wall of China at different times for the League of attacks against northern frontier nomads vast size of the military construction projects referred to. The Great Wall stretches thousands of Crescent East, it is also known as the Great Wall. The existing Great Wall remains mainly built in the 14th century the Ming Great Wall, Jiayuguan west, east to Liaodong Hushan length of 8851.8 km, average height 6-7 m, 4-5 m wide. The Great Wall is the working people in ancient China created the great miracle is the witness of history. It Tiananmen Square, Terracotta Warriors along with the world as a symbol of China.

Mutianyu great wall , is a famouse tourist area in the world , if you would like to know more about it , please follow me ,



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