Madinah Medina Saudi Arabia Home of the Holy

Madinah, more popularly called Medina by outsiders, is a city which managed to contain its holiness by being open only to Muslims. It is second to Mecca in being a holy city and is a place with deeply rooted history.

The city of Madinah, otherwise known as Medina, is located in the western Saudi Arabia and is Al Madinah Province's capital. It only falls behind Mecca in being the holiest city in all of Saudi Arabia. What most people remember about Madinah is that it is the burial place of Islam's main prophet Muhammad. The city was also Muhammad's home after Hijrah.

At present, the city of Madinah houses over 1,300,000 residents. Originally, Madinah was called Yathrib and was merely an oasis city. Later on, it was occupied by Jews who were refugees from the war against the Romans. They would go on to change the name of the city to Madinah, which, when literally translated, means "city."

Inside the city, people celebrate the mosque of Muhammad. Residents celebrate the city for serving as home to Muhammad and his followers. In the Green Dome, Muhammad was buried along with other personalities like Abu Bakr and Umar. The mosque of the Prophet, or the Al-Masjid al-Nabawi, is situated on the city's easy and is almost a replica of the Mecca mosque, only smaller. The courtyard is nearly 150 meters long and the dome has three minarets. Muhammad's tomb has been sealed with a screen of iron.

Fatimah, Muhammad's daughter, was also buried in Madinah. Her tomb is found across the mosque at the Jannat al-Baqi. These tombs, along with Umar's and Abu Bakr's, was placed in the mosque for the Islamic devotees to pay tribute to. The mosque goes way back during the time of Muhammad. As a matter of fact, it has already burned twice and was reconstructed as well.

Similar to Mecca, only Muslims are allowed to go in the city of Madinah. The city's haram, or area exclusive for Non-muslims, is smaller than Mecca's. With the number of mosques around the area of Madinah, several Muslims also go and visit for their annual pilgrimage, or more popularly known as the Hajj. Thousands of Muslims gather in Madinah to celebrate and visit the "Tomb of the Prophet" and to worship in their mosques. This is because they believe that one prayer in the mosque of Muhammad is tantamount to 1000 prayers in a regular mosque.

It is unfortunate that only Muslims can visit this beautiful city rich in history. those can visit it however are able to divulge its grandiose but holy beauty to those who wanted a peek. Indeed, the Muslims have a great way of keeping what is holy really sacred.

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