Los Cabos, Mexico: An Adventure To Share

A first hand experience traveling to Los Cabos, Mexico. Informational tourist experience with twists and turns.

The journey to Los Cabos, Mexico is naturally at variance for all who seek out its pleasures. Living in San Diego, I am blessed with a short road trip - should I dare - or an even shorter jet through the sky. This doesn't spare me from minor airport mishaps such as missing luggage. How half of my luggage was shipped to Dallas, TX rather than my oasis of choice eludes me. Nevertheless, it didn't threaten my merriment.

The Westin resort was well worth being deprived of a couple bikinis and flip flops for a day or so. Its grandiose stature stands proudly on the coastline beckoning the likes of Poseidon with anthropological, artsy flair. The staff is friendly and outgoing; certainly willing to go the extra mile for their guests, be it delivering their missing luggage or picking up a pizza delivery from the lobby. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of spring break pandemonium, this was a refreshingly relaxing getaway.

Upon arrival I was mesmerized by the native art and breathtaking view of the Sea of Cortez. While checking in, I peered into the water and saw several whales jumping in the horizon. I felt like I was a princess at a Mayan palace as everyone was so eager to serve me and make me feel at home. Endless amenities and activities were at my fingertips and I did not feel any pressures to indulge.

My girlfriend and I treated ourselves with beachside deep tissue massages and let our troubles melt away. The Westin felt like a safe place to experience the beauty of Mexico without pressure from locals. Bring your own Chiclets, because the beach solicitations are minimal if existent at all. That is not to say that silver jewelry isn't available. Certain vendors are allowed, but I never saw more than one at a time during my stay.

You will want to rent a car if you plan on hitting the hot spots of Cabo San Lucas. It's about a 10 minute drive, but so very worth it. Talk to Jerry at the time share office and he will hook you up with a special rental car deal. Also, if you plan on staying in a timeshare condo in the resort, bring your walking shoes. The winding, hilly paths are something to get used to if you want to make a simple trek to the on-site market or one of the many pools. There is a lovely adult pool for timeshare guests with a daily bartending class - we did more drinking than mixing. If you feel you may get lost in the "maze" call the front office and request a ride. A bell hop will come to your room, pick you up in a golf cart and escort you to your destination.

I was lucky enough to stay in one of these absolutely breathtaking condos which consisted of a large bedroom with king-sized bed, Jacuzzi hot tub (built into the floor), two bathrooms, a kitchen, living room and balcony with ocean view. There were even a couple of stray cats hanging out under our balcony. They looked so native I half expected them to say "yo quero Taco Bell." Being the cat lover that I am, I offered them gifts of tuna and cheese which they quickly devoured with more lust and fervor than I have ever witnessed in such a habitually genteel animal.

Our first night in paradise was spent sampling hours d'oeuvres and wine in one of the modern on-site lounges, then walking along the beach at sunset. There was truly a sense in the air that night that all was well with the world and that love and passion would reign supreme. Although I wasn't traveling with my lover, the breeze, stars and moon exuded enchantment and beauty fit for a Bower of Bliss. The elements were my lovers that evening.

In the morning my girlfriend and I woke up to coffee and fresh fruit from the market. We dined on the balcony even though we had a dining area in the condo. The sun was intense, but inspiriting. We spent our days basking in its sultriness and gallivanting about the beaches and pools. The evenings were spent bar hopping about the heart of Cabo San Lucas. We especially enjoyed The Zoo Bar, but watch out for the "fake" gorilla posted out front. He jumped out at us which caused quite a scare followed with hellacious laughter.

The snorkeling left much to be desired, but if you have an interest in deep sea fishing you cannot go wrong. Boat rides were fun, but be careful if you indulge on a booze cruise and are asked to participate in body shots. Hanging out beachside in Cabo San Lucas felt like an MTV beach party. The drink specials couldn't be beat, but the solicitations and drunken adolescents weren't exactly my style.

The local men were great for my self-esteem as several of them asked my friend and I if we wanted a "Mexican boyfriend". We were stopped by a police officer who tried to solicit money from us for driving down an alley to a parking lot. He told us it was one way and said we could give him $20 or get a ticket and have to drive an hour away to pay $50. I stood my ground and he gave me my license back and told me "no problem, ma'am," and let us go without any penalty. That had to have been the scariest moment of our trip.

All in all the Westin at Los Cabos, Mexico was a gateway to heaven. The bright blue waters and warm sandy beaches mixed with the architectural flair and seclusion make it a perfect choice for honeymooners or the sophisticated who want something truly decadent and relaxing. As long as you can deal with your luggage getting lost, sketchy booze cruises and the Mexican Policia this place is well worth the trip - especially if you love cats, whales and jumpy gorillas!

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