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Finding somewhere to rent can be difficult and hard when you're looking to make a move for maybe your job, education or just to live temporarily in Seoul, Korea. So here's a compilation of a select few rental agencies to make it easier for you to choose w

Being a lover of the culture, food and the sights of South Korea, it is of course a popular place to live and visit; the most exciting location would be Seoul! Yet, the frustrations of finding somewhere to stay in other than the hotels and hostels can be frustrating. So, indeed having a source of information on several good leasing or rental agents in Seoul on a single web page is a great start to your travels to Korea.

Here, there are a select few sites of rental agents residing in Seoul, Korea, of which provide a great range of accommodation to rent:

#1 Nice Rent provides a range of options for you to pick and choose and is almost a site whereby you can find everything you need to move or temporarily live in Korea. On the homepage you are immediately given a map of Seoul, thus, you can personally look at which locations you think are best i.e. whether there are special places you would like to live near or how far a certain location you would like to rent is from the places you would like to go.

It gives you search choices by category: most recent, fully furnished, garden and single house. Or you can go to the apartment tab and it provides you with more search options to make it more convenient and quicker for you. Even better, for those who want to keep check of living expenses it has a section in the apartments tab giving you an overview of living costs such as maintenance, utility, internet service and so on.

If you go back to the homepage it presents to you more information at the bottom of the page about serviced apartments and at the moment they are giving a special 50% off booking serviced apartments. And for further information there is a tab at the top of the homepage to take you to the section on serviced apartments. Plus, further down the page you have extra services that 'nice rent' provides to make life easier. For example, 'nice rent' can provide you with a mobile phone for a small refundable deposit that allows you to have a cheaper call rate; clicking the tab on the homepage will give more insight into this. Furthermore, there website also gives a host of information on relocation services, whereby you can find out about such things as document assistance. What you can also get is moving services to make it easier and simple for you to move your belongings and personnel to your desired designation within Seoul, Korea. To top it off they also display what entertainment, locations etc you can find within the perimeters of where the rented accommodation resides, so you have an idea of what you can enjoy there. All the required navigation tabs are located on the homepage, which will lead you to the different areas of the site.

Overall this is a very commendable renting agency that caters towards many people needs in regards to property and renting. Also more information can be found directly on there website.

Website: NiceRent

#2 KoreApartment Hangang Real Estate Agency have a very user friendly site that is easy to navigate. The layout is organised so you can search for what type of accommodation you would like. It is extremely useful as it allows you to customize your search: type of property, location, special selection (e.g. good view, near market), near foreign school area (if you are looking to attend education there), number of bedrooms, price ranges and size. Hence it'll save you an abundant amount of time by making your search specific and very targeted to find the perfect place. Ultimately they provide a range of clear, large images of each property and you can save the house/apartment etc that you find to save you looking for it again later or if you want to choose many before you narrow it down.

If you are simply looking for the best place to live it even has a section for 'House of the month' on the homepage, which also shows you the 'best of properties' and 'latest properties' where you can see the most beautiful selections. If you still have qualms about choosing a place to live they have the 'Questions and Answers' section where you can ask questions about living and accommodation and it even has a little community section to get more insight into the best kind of accommodation you can get catered to your needs.

Website: KoreApartment

There are more rental agency that are situated in Seoul that you can visit, however, these are two selected agencies that would be very useful to gain an initial idea as to what properties Seoul has to offer.

For more sites there are also other rental agencies that are worth looking at:

SeoulApartment: That provides a similar service of Relocating and positioned not far from Nocksapayong Station and Grand Hyatt Hotel.

BestRealEstate: Their site provides a nice overview of life in Seoul.

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