India Wildlife Tour: A Lifetime Experience

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The ones who love animals cannot resist taking the India Wildlife Tour on frequent basis and the ones who have not taken even a single tour are missing something for sure. India is proud to have the second largest base of wildlife in the entire world and invites you to take a look at its rich wildlife! Travelling through the dense jungles of Indian wildlife has its own lifetime experience. The evergreen tropical wet jungles of Ghats to the alpine jungles of the Himalayas offer the perfect habitant to various wild lives. A wildlife enthusiast can give delight to his eyes by watching wildlife species like leopards, tigers, elephants, deer, antelopes, monkeys, mongoose and squirrels etc.

What if you had a sudden encounter with a lion or discover a herd of deer just at a distance of few yards? Everyone enjoys surprise, thrill and an experience of adventurous activities. It is all about exploring your true self, your fears and your smiles. It is no more knowing about your ancestors and their history; it is about face to face encounters with some strange yet captivating animals.

What would you choose if you had the choice between watching an adventurous movie or a documentary and taking firsthand experience of adventure? If you are a wildlife lover, Wildlife Tour India is waiting for you. All your desires to watch various Indian species will be fulfilled by India Wildlife Tour. If you are a bird lover, you can satisfy yourself by captivating “Corbett National Park Short Birding Tour” which makes you visit Pangot (Nainital) and Corbett Tiger Reserve. Pangot is a small village wide range of Himalayan bird species such as Himalayan Griffon, Spotted and Slaty backed fork tail, Lammergeier, Blue Winged Minla. It is assured by Wildlife Tour India that it will be a pleasing tour because almost one hundred and fifty bird species has been recorded at Pangot and surrounding areas.

Don’t wait anymore; instead get ready to please your eyes and ears with some delightful sounds and sights!!

Famous India Wildlife Tour Packages:

Indian Wildlife Tour: Attractions: Indian National Parks, Indian Wildlife, Royal Bengal Tiger, Project Tiger in India, Indian birds.

Gujarat Wildlife Tour: Attractions: Asiatic Lion in India, Wild Ass Sanctuary India, Indian Birds, Mandvi beaches, Gujarat Wildlife.

Wildlife Adventure in Corbett National Park: Attractions: Elephant Safari in India, Indian Forest Rest House, Royal Bengal Tiger, Corbett National Park.

Assam Wildlife Tour: Attractions: One Horned Rhino, Assam Tea Estates, River Rafting at Nameri National Park, Majuli Island


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