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India Travel, your guide to planning a trip to India. Get it from an expert traveler and indophile.

India has become one of the best destinations for tour and travel because of a number of reasons. With its 5000 years of history, more than 1000 cultures, more than 500 languages and dialects, and numerous historical monuments anywhere that you go, are enough to fill you with awe and wonder. The time spent here will imprint upon your mind and you will never be able to forget it.

The government runs several special trains that take tourists on a selected number of destinations. This means that travel, food, accommodation, and guide are pre-arranged and you need not worry about these things. This also means that you get a these services at a fixed and fair price that is known to you in advance.

Here are a few developments in the recent past:

Increased number of professionally managed tour operators

Better transportation

Special trains, buses and taxis are available for tourists

Better communication with people back at home (you can hire cellophanes for short periods, you can make cheap international calls, etc)

Increasing number of tour guides who can converse in more than one language

You can choose between several types of trips based upon your preference and needs. This includes:

Budget Trips

Moderate Trips

Luxury Trips

You can also choose between what types of places you visit. This includes

Historical trips (see only historical places)

Relaxation trips (spend time away from busy life)

Medical trips (get medical treatment at economical rates)

Cultural trip (enjoy local dances and cultural events)

The cost of a trip to India works out to be far less than a trip to any tourist destination in the world. This is partly due to the lower cost of living here and partly because of currency exchange rates which favor people who come here from more developed countries. You can control your budget further by planning it all yourself  -- which is not difficult seeing information is now available on the net about all aspects of India travel. Here are the things you need to search and plan before you set out on your trip

Passport and visa requirements

Application procedures, application protocols from your country (such as the time needed to get your papers processed

Mode of travel and travel plans

Places of stay and advanced booking

Essential medicines, their availability in India, and trade names in India

Travel insurance

The embassies and diplomatic missions of your country in India

Your contact persons in India

Emergency contacts in your country, in India, and in the embassies of your country in India

You will never be the same again after you make a trip to India.

Picture Credit: Taj Mahal


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