How to Know More About Simatai Great Wall in China?

Simatai Great wall which is known for its wonderful, precipitous and fantastic location is sited at Gubeikou Town in the north-east of Beijing

With "ghastly, dangerous, extraordinary," known as Simatai Great Wall, located in Beijing's Miyun County in the northern part of the town gubeikou a length of 19 km, a total of watch tower 35, is the only original section of the Ming Dynasty retained the ancient Great Wall, Qi Jiguang when this guard is created. This period of the Great Wall has been identified by UNESCO as "the original Great Wall."

Simatai Great Wall to Simatai Reservoir is divided into East and West is bounded by two cross-valley Suspension Bridge like rainbown run through the east and west. Western section of the mountain than the gentle anticline, 20 watch towers still well-preserved; Eastern section of the Great Wall winding ups and downs, the magnificent, in the mountain's summit clouds with 15 watch tower. , "Fairy maiden Tower " building beautiful, white marble arches carved with devoted married couple to spend relief, too, "Fairy maiden tower" that is not valued at more than 100m long, on both sides of cliffs, only a brick of the wide "bridge." "Wangjing Tower" is Beijing's highest point, elevation 986 meters, board Wangjing floor, visitors can look east "Foggy with snow", Seibo majestic Great Wall, north beyond the Great Wall concept of style, south balcony view capital lights.

Simatai Great wall which is known for its wonderful, precipitous and fantastic location is sited at Gubeikou Town in the north-east ofBeijing 138 km 95 mile.the Great wall which keeps the original features of the Ming Dynasty it not only incorporates the different characteristics of each part of Ten Thousand Mile Great Wall, but also has some styles which are the only one of their kind.They are built by General Qi Jiguang. Professor LuoZhewen, a famous specialist of Great Wall, says: “The Great wall is the best of the Chinese buildings, and simatai is the best of the Great wall.”This part of Great Wall was noted by the UNESCO as one of the World Cultural Heritages .Simatai Great Wall isseperated into two parts by a valley. Over the valley, there’s a chain bridge run through east and west like a rainbow. The hills on west are sloping gently.20 watchtowers remain originally good the rillegs of Yu Qllin on the General Tower looks lilolike vividly. The Great Wall is winding on the hills like a golden dragon. The part of Great Wall on east, which has 15 watchtowers densely, covering the peaks the esat. find more click hereplease


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