How to Find a Cheap but Safe Hotel in Seoul, South Korea

Finding cheap but safe hotels in Seoul is simple when you do proper online research. Reviews and ratings by other travelers will help you select the most suitable hotel for a comfortable stay in Seoul.

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is amongst the most expensive cities in Asia. It is also the travel destination for numerous budget travelers every year, who come to enjoy the pulsating music, cultural events, shopping, local Korean cuisine and more in the city. If you are planning to travel to Seoul and are looking for a cheap hotel it is also important that you select one which is safe.

Seoul is home to several excellent cheap hotels which offer comfortable clean and safe accommodation to budget travelers at a comparatively cheap price. Hotel Elle Inn, Ulji-Ro Co-Op Residence and Alpha Guest House are among some of the best the city has on offer. Like many other large metropolis Seoul has a number of different neighborhoods  which offer good accommodation, including Gwanghwamun, Myeongdong, Insadong, Bukchon Hanock Village, Itaewon and  Honggik/Sinchon/Ewha.

The best option when selecting comfortable, cheap hotel is to conduct an intense online research before you arrive in Seoul. This will not leave you vulnerable to unsafe hotel options. Research will also help you, as a traveler to understand the health and safety risks in the city better.

There are a number of useful websites such as, and with a list of hundreds of cheap and safe hotels in Seoul. Some websites offer you information in multiple languages to help you search a for a hotel within your budget and in a safe locality. These travel websites offer reviews, owners descriptions, facilities, accessibility as well as important local information including bus and taxi service. In fact you can even find detailed online printable maps for your convenience.

Unofficially, Seoul has two main backpacker districts, Jongno in the northeast of the capital and Hongdae, Sinchon in the west, walking distance from Dongdaemun Market. Jongno is closer to the sights and has direct buses running from the Airport. Hongdae, Sinchon is the university area with plenty of bars, restaurants, and shopping center. It is about an hour by Arex, the Airport express train to the Incheon Airport.

Some travelers visiting Seoul may like to book into 'Love hotels' which are well-liked here. They are typically in good condition and offer decent basic facilities. They are especially popular with couples looking for privacy. Love hotels can be remarkably clean and are generally safe. Don’t get put-off by the name as some of them may be the best option for budget travelers! Teheran Street, Nambu, Bangi station and the neighborhood close to the Nakwon market in Jongno are the key love hotel districts in Seoul. You may have to pay ?25,000-80,000 for a night which goes up during the weekends and holidays.

It is possible to sort hotels in Seoul by your choice of location, price, room type and amenities. You can read travelers reviews online to know more about the cheap and safe hotel you have selected for your stay in Seoul. Whether you are looking for vibrant party crowd, family suitable hotels or a quiet relaxing safe hotel you are sure to find them online.

Guests, who have stayed in the hotels, rate it according to their experiences and requirements. These ratings are given for quality of the hotel, cleanliness, safety, location, maintenance, staff behavior as well as the level of English spoken by the staff. You can also find ratings regarding security lockers, gym and food served in the hotel. There are many hotels in Seoul that have photos of their establishment and facility on their website for the benefit of the travelers.

You just have to type ‘cheap and safe hotel in Seoul’ in popular search engines and you will get detailed information on almost all the cheap and budget hotels in the metropolis. You can check out the detailed database packed with reviews and ratings of hotels in Seoul as well as the dates when they are available.

I am sure you have got an insight into how to find cheap but safe hotel in Seoul and you will enjoy a safe trip to the capital of South Korea.


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