Holy Sepulcher As a Symbol of Unity Among Christians

Detailed information on the Holy Sepulcher

Christians all over the world recognize holy sepulcher as one of the most famous shrine in the world. Located in Jerusalem, this shrine is held special because of the great history it bears and the meaning assigned to it by the Christians. This is the place where the most important figure in the Christian religion was crucified. Existent at this place up to this date is the stone tomb that is believed to have been the place where Jesus was buried after his death following crucifixion, and then rose to the skies. The stone has been preserved for over 17 centuries and it is still a source of recollection of evidence about the life of Jesus Christ.

Now standing at this famous point is the Holy Sepulcher Church of Jerusalem. Here, terrific worship activities take place not on specific days of the week but each and every single day. The doors that open at 7 am in the morning close late at 8 pm in the evening following a day of intense prayer activity at every second of the hours they are open. Even though power struggles over the years have left Christians divided over the years, holy sepulcher has remained to be a strong point of commonness among all Christians. Almost anyone from the resultant schisms is accommodated and given a space to feel loved and offer prayers their prayers.

Just after the news of the resurrection of Jesus, there is a record tracing to over 2000 years back of pilgrims visiting the place. Although there have been ups and downs that mark the struggle to restore the lost glory of the place due to the activities of the past rulers such as Herodian, the temple of Holy Sepulcher is known to have been restored and preserved as a strong mark of identity among Christians from all over the world. The church that stands this day at the point where the passion of Jesus took place is the work of crusaders who sought to restore the history that was being erased slowly by leaders like Herodian.

Three major denominations have claimed possession of the church following the intense activity of the various crusaders that have shown concern by rebuilding and restoring the destroyed parts of the church. The Latin Roman Catholics, the Greek Orthodox and the Armenian Orthodox are the main players of the activity of at the Holy Sepulcher Church. The 1878 Treaty of Berlin through its Article LXII gives these three players the right to take possession of the respective places of occupation in the church. This is the reason why the Holy Sepulcher Church of Jerusalem makes a symbol of unity even though you can find a total mix of cultures and traditions of worship being practiced in every section of the church as occupied by the respective parties to the treaty.



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