Go to Israel for a Vacation

A vacation in Israel can be a great experience. You can visit Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and Bethlehem. They are all great places. You can check out Tel Aviv with all of its great museums. The Carmel Market is a must see place. It is an open air street maket where you can purchase many items.

A trip toIsraelwill offer you an opportunity to see historic places that had a significant influence on the history of the world.Israelwas the birthplace of many religions and it is all about religious history.

You can visitJerusalem, which is considered by some as the holiest city in the world.  You can visitNazareth, which is a Christian holy place.  You can take a trip toBethlehem, which is considered a very important place, and it is where Jesus was born and is a sacred place for Christians. Bethlehemwas very important during the crusades.  During the time of the crusades, the Muslims and the Christians both ruled the city at different times.

You can also visit theDead Sea, which is the lowest sea in the world.  It is said you cannot drown in this unique place.

Travel to Israelcan be dangerous but it is still attracts for many tourists.  Many people go to Israel because they want to visit Jerusalem and they  will ignore the modern Jerusalem and go to the walled “OldCity” to see the monuments that are mostly of religious and historic significance.  Leading sites in Jerusalem are the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Dome of the rock, the Western Wall and the Gardens of Gethsemane.

A great place to visit is Tel Aviv, which is considered the most modern city inIsrael.  Tel Aviv has an active nightlife, a beautiful beachfront on the Mediterranean and a relaxed atmosphere.  There is great dining and some of the best falafel in the world here.  The leading hotels are along the beach and close to good restaurants.  There are also shops and great nightlife.

Tel Aviv has several great museums.  The Tel Aviv Museum of Art focuses on 20th century art and is the best known of the museums.

A must see place is the Carmel Market.  It is a daily open-air street market located in the middle of the city offAllenby Street.  It is a place to go for fruits, nuts, meats, clothes, jewelry and many other items.

You can visit Jaffo, which is said to be the oldest port in the world and has an Arabic heritage.  It is a great place to take a walk especially in the Artisan Quarter. JaffoPortis a great place to eat but you must choose a good quality restaurant.

You can visitHaifa, which is the third largest city inIsrael. Haifa’s history goes back to Biblical times.  Today it is a working port, education and technology center.

The resident of Tel Aviv and other Israel cities often criticizes Haifabe cause they view the resident of Haifaas boring and too serious.  The saying in Israel is that “Haifa Works, Tel Aviv plays and Jerusalem prays”. Israelis a great vacation place and it has a lot to offer its visitors.  If you decide to take a trip toIsrael, you will really enjoy the visit.


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