Facts About Manmade Shape Islands Palm Jumerah and the World in Dubai

A journey. A saga. A legend. The World is today’s great development epic. An engineering odyssey to create an island paradise of sea, sand and sky, a destination has arrived that allows investors to chart their own course and make the world their own.

In most part of the world, people live by land. But here in Dubai, Sheik Mohammad builds it with one resource tiny Dubai has an access, sand. It is he who is responsible for this. “The Palm Jumerah” the world largest manmade island over three hundred and five million square feet of sand has been redistributed in a shape of a Palm tree, one of the few tress native to the region.

Sheik Mohammad is very hands on. He very involves with anything that touches his country or his interest he isn’t just counting numbers but he likes to see his vision carried out.

As soon as the ideas proposed, it was challenged by skeptics. When he came up with an idea people are saying that this couldn’t be done because of the share size and the shape.

But it was necessary the sheik vision of a tourist Shangri-La required beaches. Dubai has 41 miles of natural beaches but the building boom had swallowed up all the available beach front property. However, Dubai is clever they are not stopping on the ground. They are actually extending their land area into the sea itself by creating forty eight miles of additional beach front. The Palm Jumerah more than doubles the size of the entire Dubai coast line. Not surprisingly, Sheik Mohammad has ordered up two more Palms once completed the twins will join the Palm Jumerah as three of the rare manmade structure visible in space. To build the Palm Island it took ninety three million cubic meters of sand, to build the second palm was a hundred and twenty three million cubic meters, to build the third one was above eight hundred million cubic meters.

And as part of the constant quest to push engineering and designed boundaries, Sheik Mohammad was presented with an even greater challenge. The Palms are a very beautiful project but they are not true island destination. They are connected into a city by a bridge. So they taught of another concept of a three hundred manmade island and they make it as a shape like The World.

So how do you build an island? Or in this case a whole new world? You have to take three factors in mind. First is protecting the island and protection requires break water, a wall that separates the waves and the sea from the construction inside. For the world, thirty seven million tons of rock force from the gulf where used to complete its break water. Once in place engineer are free to begin forming the island.

To build the island you need sand and you cannot use dessert sand. You can only use marine sand, seabed sand and dessert doesn’t work because it is finer while marine sand has been introduce into the underwater environment and it’s denser more jagged grains are not easily flash away by the tide. The sand has been under the water and it’s used to the seabed, it used to the water itself, so they used sand which is already been there. They are not introducing something new. While dredging is not a new technology no even conceive of applying it on as grand as scale as Dubai. For those of you who haven’t heard of The World, it’s an enormous project going on in Dubai. Where they will construct islands, that as a whole will resemble the different parts of our planet.

Two different dredgers are used to get the job done. The first is a cutter suction dredger it’s a kind of an oil rig the boats stay where it is there a drill that goes into seabed and start cutting into the seabed. The dredgers slice up into eighty feet below the sea floor, as it cuts it is drag horizontally and all loose material has dredge up and pumps to a floating pipe line to its target. The other method in collecting sand is the suction hopper dredger operates very much like a floating vacuum cleaner. It sails slowly over the area to be dredged filling its hopper as it proceeds.

A pile of sand no matter how big does not make an island, in order to turned sand into a solid ground Dubai engineers use giant drill penetrates fifty feet below the surface. Vibrations combined with water saturations rearrange the loose sand grains into a more compact state and keep on shaking the ground until the particles of sand comes together, comes closer and its solidified it get stronger. It does to the ground in about one hour speeding the process of creating the Earth.

With 13 hopper dredger working in a single site, islands are being constructed and staggering rate. An island on average will be born every week and they have 300 hundred islands. Over 320 million cubic meters of sand have been used to create the island of the world.

Sheik Mohammad vision made real. A journey. A saga. A legend. The World is today’s great development epic. An engineering odyssey to create an island paradise of sea, sand and sky, a destination has arrived that allows investors to chart their own course and make the world their own.


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