Dream for Our Travel to Beijing

Today I would like to share with you our China and Beijing trip. Wonderful and unsurpassed. China

Today I would like to share with you our China and Beijing trip. Wonderful and unsurpassed. China,

as we all know, Great Wall is too. But we only a let us now unforgettable driver, he called Mr John Ping , this is of course his name John as a driver for more foreign friends remember him intentionally's name. We found him through the Internet is the most fashionable. When we want to search is Beijing car driver , he relies on the first page to browse our unchanged Google through the website, and I decided to Email him, magic, he first appeared in less than five minutes, he answered all my questions, such as, our reservation and inquiry, we expect to have a good vehicle air conditioning implement, perfect the backseat of a car seat, and the clean and neat , fluent English skills, especially for great history, etc. Perfect them. I can hardly believe it. as a driver, has the comprehensive knowledge, he almost perfect answer, we have no choice. Only after through two or three emails , we are convinced that he is that perso we want to find the driver as, guide, we will make a Beijing great escape the best candidate. Date and time, according to the agreed to 7:00 am in the morning. Our hero Driver Mr.John Ping, a clean and neat attire, a good impression, the beautiful America buick, capacious space, the safety facilities, seat cool air conditioning, almost perfect professional attire, Nice greeting, he so high, with all this let us so comfortable, sure , very comfortable.

The song and laughters, all without reservation, trust, without feeling, let you have a sense of urgency in a foreign country, peaceful and harmonious atmosphere, experience, experience and enjoy.

Mutianyu Great Wall is my first time to miss, not the destination that the landscape, has no attention to road traffic jams happen, they think only the blink of an eye, it has let the soul and the Great Wall around the dream is in sight.

The second to our surprise, he first gave us a great part of the story about history and her story, and explain to me the browse the wall in his attention, only 3 kilometers from wall stops, the opposite of a mountain fingers, let us guessing, the outline of the mountain, we are not careful observation, he took no notice the picture show us, oh my goddess, he really very much alike, as a goddess of beauty is, like the statue of liberty, in the mountain of the height of imposing on, that's incredible, listen to Mr John Ping, not much visitors know the Nebuchadnezzar, only because he tried to do the discoverer of the goddess and owner, only his customers can enjoy big beautiful goddess supine like, he said, he wants to travel around the world get Beijing foreign friends like him, as can see beautiful goddess, as if they waved opening remarks. He also expressed a little-known secret, why, so many foreign tourists choose mutianyu Great Wall browsing, rather than the badaling. Because the mutianyu Great Wall has a beautiful statue of liberty, was she in the summoner visitors from all over the world, but it is just his fancy. I also agree to his opinion. So wonderful.

Mutianyu Great Wall, have more than six hundred years of history, there have been times in the fierce war rush. Still remain some of the war. We don't do anything more.

Scenery, incomparable, cable, very easy and easy to climb the wall, dispense with the labor. Once let us easily reached the seven wonders of the world's Great Wall. The beauty of nature, but not too much more numerous and steep steps, let us somewhat prohibitive. Just when I was young I didn't have enough money and time, can't early implementation of my trip to China. I feel guilty, but can I arrived here at once, it makes people linger over the wall, I have a delighted. Mr, John Ping, I want to say, thank you! Are you that our first trip to China has become so easily, it is you, let us experience to the wall, beautiful soaring.

Once again we play our feelings, also want to take, let our friends as soon as possible to realize their dreams, and together we share the upper gift we historic and cultural sites. He was in the UNESCO award of historical and cultural heritage is listed as one of the seven wonders of the world.

Write this you must want to know that once we realize the dream of driver, guide. Mr, John Ping

you can contact him by email: pingxing008@yahoo.com.cn

or visit his website, obtain more useful information. http://www.beijingcardriver.com

call him asap : 00-86-131-4688-9929

Johnping email:pingxin008@yahoo.com.cn webside http://www.beijingcardriver.com cell phone:008613146889929


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