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Bangkok, Thailand is one of Asia most enchanting and exotic travel destinations.

Beautiful, exotic and enchanting are just a few words to describe one of Asia’s most cosmopolitan cities. Bangkok, Thailand is a treasure house and the cultural, spiritual, educational, commercial, as well as political center of Asia. Bangkok’s busy nightlife is filled with people of great fervor and variety. Not only does Bangkok offer a buzzing nightlife but it’s the kind of place for the “one of a kind” Western concept of R&R. So while they toast themselves in a bonze hue on the golden sands of crystal blue beaches, they find the daily rhythm of Thailand. A tranquility that isn’t just restricted to vacation time because just on the northeast region you can find the suitability of home stay and teaching gigs than just touristy snapshots; here you can dip deep into the psyche of Thai, resurfacing with a fondness for spicy food and expertise in this strange tonal language.

The best time to visit Thailand is during its cool season, this being from November until the end of February. This is when the humidity and temperatures are relatively low and skies clear as it does get extremely hot and sticky and you may wonder where the term “cool season” really came from as the difference is a matter of only 10 degrees or so. This is also the peak season for tourism so expect to meet many new friends at the more popular spots like the islands and major towns.

The preliminary presentations of Bangkok are made in animated clashes of screaming traffic, gleaming shopping centers and international perceptions interwoven with devout Buddhism. For first-timers the ultimate must of Bangkok and learning its history would include a walk through the National Museum to explore the artifacts of this city and its rich culture. A great way to see this city is by taking a water-taxi which you can take at the end of Silam sky train line at Saphan Taksin. Besides it being an experience all on its own you can render the sated canals with the wind in your hair and see the rogue back lands of Bangkok. Many of the cities attractions are along the various stops on the river. Make a stop at the Temple of Dawn and tour the klongs to find the floating Market nearby Kao San Road. Bangkok’s sites and Temples are the finest ones in Asia. The most spectacular being the Grand Palace and the Wat Phra Keo the temple of the Emerald Buddha. The rooflines and spirals, curves and waves are remarkable. These rooflines are ornamented richly and leave you with inspired admiration.

Bangkok’s amazing nightlife with its bars, discos, live music and even Latin salsa which has become quite popular is sure to quench your adventurous and fun-loving spirit. Patpong, which is Bangkok’s red light district with its parade of interesting people on the club-lined streets and barrage of lights and excitement, certain to shocked even the most worldly of visitors is a party-goers paradise. This is the hot spot for cheap accommodations, small restaurants and fellow travelers with fascinating stories maybe even the map to treasures of uncharted deserted islands just off the coast.

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