Cebu, the Heart of Asia's Catholicism and Queen City of South Philippines

Cebu, Philippines is one of the best places to visit when having a tour of Asia. This province can offer any tourist all that they could wish for when having an unforgettable Asian visit.

If you want to find people having themselves genuinely crucified and whipped with thorns (in their case, broken glass attached on the ends of their improvised whips) during Holy Week, then you should give Cebu, Philippines a visit during the season. Cebu is the center of Christianity in the Philippines, having been the very place where the Catholic religion was first introduced by the Spaniards. The influence of Spain on the culture and religion of the people in the Philippines, especially in Cebu, is so great that the country is today’s biggest Catholic country in Asia.

Cebu is the province with the most population in the Philippines. It is highly commercialized with all the most modern hotels and restaurants you can find. It also is home to several great resorts that you would enjoy spending time in. Cebu is actually what many foreign visitors refer to as Manila without the traffic.

When you visit Cebu, you should not miss its specialties like its dried mangoes and sweetened deer meat. It also produces high quality guitars that can compete with other branded guitars the world over.

Another good time to visit Cebu is the third week of January of each year in time for one of the Philippine’s grandest festivals, the Sinulog. Sinulog is celebrated in honor of their patron saint, the Sto. Nino. This colorful event is very much like the Mardi Gras with people garbed in various costumes and cltohings that are not only colorful but quite extra ordinary.

The best places to visit for a breather in Cebu would be the beaches located at the island’s north tip. Even better are the whitest sand beaches located at the south coast that is also ideal for diving. Opportunities for caves, mountains and waterfall exploration are plenty. Some of the notable places are Moalboal Panagsama Beach, Bantayan and Malapascua islands, Olango and many others.

Cebu can indeed provide any tourist looking to have a good time all the opportunities they would want. Not only are the spots to visit great, they also are economical and affordable. Despite the size of Cebu, going around would not be a problem. Cebu has its own international airport and various land transportation are immediately available. Hotels and motels of different types, from the most affordable to the most expensive five star accommodations can be found in Cebu. You will find here Marriot Hotel Cebu City, Shangri-La Mactan Hotel, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino, Hilton Cebu Resort & Spa, Marco Polo Plaza Hotel and many more. Cebu is definitely a tourist’s ideal choice to visit.

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