Cairo Wonderful Place to Visit

The history of Egypt and Cairo is unbelievable; and the sights are just too beautiful. Cairo contains worlds within worlds, full of charm and contradictions. It is a maddening city with its incessant crowds, noise and pollution. Yet, it isa magical place beckoning you to linger and explore the various districts—each part like a different piece of the puzzle, evoking a fragment of Cairo's rich 7000 year history. A walk down any street in Cairo is a feast for the senses, and exploring the city beyond the popular districts and spots is even more fascinating. One can go on walking through those narrow lanes and get lost and I almost did !

Old Cairo known as Masr Al Qadima is an area that provides a historical link between Cairo's Pharaonic and Islamic periods. According to existing records ,it is likely that the area was settled from the 6th century BC. It was here that in 130 AD, the Roman emperor Trajan erected Babylon Fort, the core of the old city.

The Babylon Fort area features several old churches as well as Ben Ezra Synagogue—the oldest in Egypt and probably in the whole world. The ruins of the old city of Fustat are also nearby. Many potters and ceramicists used to work in the area, but have recently been relocated. One can hear the sounds of the famous copper bazaar all over the place...

Cairo was a wonderful place to visit. Everywhere we went in the city , we noticed that the people were very friendly and helpful. We had a very limited time to spend in Egypt , so had to fit in everything within those two days that we were spending there. We started by Touring Cairo and Alexandria and the next day flew to Aswan and took a Nile River cruise with a private guide and then we were back in Cairo, having taken a train from Luxor which in itself was a great experience. The train travels for the most part along the banks of Nile river and the scenery in some places is breathtaking. I loved the whole experience of gazing through vast, never ending stretches of vegetable fields !

One has to be extremely careful while shopping at the side streets of Cairo ,as the street vendors are dishonest and very shifty, and you have to exercise caution while dealing with them. Another negative point is that the vendors and taxi drivers make visiting cairo too much of a hassle. Nothing is straight forward, you need to bargain at every step.

On a positive note I would say that Cairo is an interesting city , the Pyramids of Giza and the Eygptian museum were excellent (King Tut exhibit, being the highlight ) defintely worth visiting  and the cruise on River Nile is not to be missed while in Egypt.

I am hoping to visit Cairo and Egypt for a longer period of time and do the sights in a more leissurely manner...


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