Bangkok, Thailand Travel Guide: Visit Thailand's Bangkok Museum of Counterfeit Goods

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One of the biggest tourist attractions in Bangkok, Thailand is the endless pirated and counterfeit goods on sale in Bangkok markets and places like Sukhumvit Road and Khaosan Road where Bangkok tourists love to shop. When travelers go to Thailand they often bring back travel souvenirs that include, Louis Vuitton luggage, Gucci bags, Lacoste shirts, Tommy Hilfiger jeans and other rip-offs of popular famous name brands. The counterfeit goods industry is so big in the East that it was only a matter of time before The Museum of Counterfeit Goods was opened in Bangkok, Thailand. For a quirky and amusing museum in Bangkok, Thailand try this Bangkok attraction: The Museum of Counterfeit Goods.

The rip-offs sold in Bangkok markets may make great travel souvenirs but they are a major headache for the Thai authorities.Tilleke and Gibbins is a law firm which represents many clients seeking to stop the pirate products from reaching the market, the law firm started to accumulate a large quantity of counterfeit goods which they had confiscated on behalf of their clients to use as evidence in court. The question was what to do with the huge amount of illicit  goods once the cases were closed. Finally in 1989 Tillake and Gibbon opened the Bangkok Counterfeit Goods Museum in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Bangkok Museum of Counterfeit Goods contains a myriad of examples of pirated products and rip-offs, not only clothes but also sweets, brand name foods, shoes, socks, jewelry, perfumes, toiletries and sculptures. This Bangkok attraction also has counterfeit door knobs, adhesive tape and staples! One of the more dangerous counterfeit products on display is medicine. Illegal rip-offs of brand name pills and medicines are life threatening and tempting to some because of the low prices. Just as potentially harmful are other counterfeit products which we use on our bodies, like shampoo, talc, toothpaste and creams.

Other counterfeit goods on display at this Bangkok tourist attraction are cosmetics, alcohol, cigarettes, glasses and electronic products. There are more than 3,500 counterfeit goods on display at this unusual Bangkok attraction. Apart from the Counterfeit goods Museum being an eye-opener, this Bangkok tourist attraction will give you a good laugh and you will be astounded by the range of goods being copied. Some of the counterfeit goods are displayed along side the real thing so that you can compare the two.

The Counterfeit Goods Museum in Thailand is an appropriate Bangkok tourist attraction considering the multi–million dollar business that is done every day on the streets and in the markets of Bangkok selling knock-off brand name products to tourists eager to get a good deal.

The goal of this Bangkok attraction is to educate the tourists as to the down side of buying knock-off products in Thailand. The counterfeit goods industry perpetuates child labor, human trafficking, black market activities and the profits go towards criminal activities like prostitution and drugs. The Bangkok Museum of Counterfeit Goods also brings attention to the scale of the problem as well as providing a home for the counterfeit goods. Not only a Bangkok tourist attraction, the Counterfeit Goods Museum is also used as a learning tool for law enforcement officials and others in the intellectual property field.

It makes you wonder who is ripping who off when you pay for fake goods. Are you ripping the vendor off because you are getting such a good deal on a "Gucci" or is he ripping you off, as well as the genuine producer of the brand? The quality is always bad and the illicit products don't last as long as the real thing.

The Bangkok Museum of Counterfeit Goods is open from Monday to Friday from 10:00 – 16:00. Visiting is by appointment only but the appointment for this Bangkok tourist attraction can be made as little as 24 hours before your visit. You can also e-mail the Tilleke and Gibbon law firm for more details at The museum is housed in their offices at Supalai Grand Tower, 26th Floor, 1011 Rama 3 Road, Chongnonsi Road, Yannawa, in the Chong Nonsi neighborhood of Bangkok. To reach the Bangkok Counterfeit Museum take a taxi from Chong Nonsi Station to Rama 3 Road.

Museum of Counterfeit Goods Bangkok website:


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