Afghanistan. Who Are the Taliban?

I will tell you all about Afghanistan's culture and, more importantly, the Taliban.

Afghanistan is a country located in South Central Asia. The currency used is AFN which is short for Afghani. The current estimation for population in Afghanistan is 29,100,000.


Afghanistan is currently ruled by the Taliban. The United Nations are currently at war with the Taliban and they are trying to restore peace. The Taliban ruled Afghanistan from 1994-2001. During this time, women were forced to wear burqa. They were not allowed to be educated above the age of 8. They also faced public flogging in the street. When under the Taliban rule, the civilians were not allowed to listen to music or play sport. They were overthrown in 2001 but they resurged in 2004. They are now trying to take over Afghanistan hence the war. Australian troops have also been sent in to try and restore peace. The main leader is Osama Bin Laden.

Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries on the earth and more than 53% of the population live below the poverty line. The poverty line is something to define that you live in poverty. The average well known poverty line around the world is $1 a day. That means 50% of Afghanistan earn less than $1 a day!

Law in Afghanistan is controlled by the International Security Assistance Force. There are lots of crimes in Afghanistan, mainly because it is a poor country. The crimes include fraud, corruption, money-laundering and drug trafficking. Under the Taliban rule, there were no rules of law. Murderers were put to death and people that stole had one or two of their limbs cut off.

On the better side of Afghanistan, it was a very pretty place until bombs were dropped everywhere and all trees and crops and so on were wiped out.

The sport that they played there before the Taliban took over was called Buzkashi. It is a game with a headless goat carcass for a ball. You are on horseback and you have to throw the headless goat carcass to the other team-mates and get it across the goal line.

Afghanistan has been at war for a very long time and has never really been a peaceful country. This means that it is a very un-multicultural country, because no one wants to go there. Everyone there is Afghani so there are no conflicts about religion ECT (apart from the Taliban)

I hope that you have learnt heaps about Afghanistan in this article, and have a good day. Farewell.


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